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GABRIEL MOSES and MICHAEL LEE FIRKINS in DOSE AMIGOS! Michael Lee Firkins has joined forces with session great Gabriel Moses to form the guitar duo, Dose Amigos. Today, the guitar maniacs — who first met in 1990 while performing as endorsers of Yamaha Guitars — are unleashing Dose Amigos' first video "Carnie Krankster," and it's quite an onslaught of styles, techniques, whammy wildness, ferociously weird note flurries, and shred-o-rific majesty — it's like taking a frightening high-speed spin on some broke-down carny roller coaster after ingesting way too many corn dogs and a gallon of beer chasers. Michael Molenda-GUITAR PLAYER MAGAZINE
          Dose Amigos is the genius of guitarists, Gabriel Moses (session musician with multiple album,film,and tv credits,multiple magazine appearances, including being recognized by Guitar Player Magazine in their“Unknown Greats”issue at the age of 15,multiple international tours,clinics,and much more) and Michael Lee Firkins (many critically acclaimed solo albums,magazine appearances including winner of Best New Talent readers poll in Guitar For The Practicing Musician,multiple international tours,clinics,awards,and much more).
        The two met in 1990 while on the same bill as endorsee's for Yamaha Guitars.Michael and Gabriel became fast friends and embarked on a musical journey together.While individually they are world-class musicians,together their combined talents make a new superpower that can not be stopped nor denied, bringing you Dose Amigos!
       Just when you thought you've heard it all,Dose Amigos come along and give the guitar community a huge shot in the arm it so desperately needs! It's no surprise that they are finding huge global success beyond their wildest dreams just off their current single, “Carnie Krankster”!
                     They are the dose you need!

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